The Etsy Blog has published a nice article on obentos and it showcases some really cute pictures. Below you’ll find an extract, but do go to the original post to read the whole thing and see the images!

When I think of all the times my mom lovingly packed my lunch for school, no thank you card is big enough to express my appreciation. Though I always complained about the same-old, same-old, hundreds of turkey sandwiches and little baggies of pretzels later, I’m now a grown adult who sometimes wishes she could still have a mom-prepared lunch. But over in Japan, preparing a child’s lunch is more than a parental task, it’s a meticulously-crafted visual expression of your commitment to nurturing your child. Obento, which have gained popularity all over the world, are carefully packed lunch boxes that feature bold colorful foods, sometimes arranged to form the shape of a child’s favorite cartoon character. But these innocuous treat boxes that once overwhelmed mothers with social pressure are now a hobbyist’s haven, resulting in hundreds of blogs where obento has become an impossibly intricate art form. Somewhere along the way, the true meaning of obento was crushed under the weight of its own Internet fame.

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