Just a quick note to explain the name of the blog. \o/

Ok, so I do love Woody Allen, even though I’m definitely not a fanatic (I haven’t seen all of his movies, mind you!). My favourite film has to be Annie Hall - everything about it is amazing, from the dialogues to the costume design (ha, the girl just had to talk about clothes, right?).

Anyway, they were also a couple in Manhattan Murder Mystery and this is the one from which I got my title. At some point in the story, when Diane’s character is already all crazy thinking the neighbour had killed his wife, Allen’s character turns to her and pleads with her to “save a little craziness for menopause”. And, for some reason, I just loved it and, well, I do feel like people are about to tell me something like that every once in a while, so, yeah, that’s the story. Haha, not so great, huh?